CNG Commercial Fleet

Why Choose CNG for Your Fleet?


Whether you own or operate a large fleet of 18 wheelers or just a small fleet of service vehicles, converting to CNG is a cost effective way to lead your industry.

So you’re stil running diesel or even gasoline? Are you concerned about how you’re going to lead your company into the next decade? CNG vehicles are helping companies with small and large fleets not only stay competitive in today’s market, but lead your industry.

Compressed Natural Gas is a fossil fuel alternative to gasoline and diesel. Natural gas is sourced from reserves deep beneath the earth’s surface. It is then compressed to about 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure.

Save Money
CNG is increasingly used as an alternative fuel because of the rising cost of gasoline. CNG costs less than gasoline and diesel on a per gas gallon equivalent basis. Natural gas vehicle owners also benefit from lower operating costs due to reduced engine maintenance requirements. It’s not uncommon for vehicle owners using CNG to save 65-75% on their fuel costs.  CNG is a clean-burning fuel, resulting in minimal engine wear and fewer oil changes. And even in commercial refueling stations, CNG still costs less than gasoline and diesel, with estimated savings on CNG is at 30-40% less when fueled at commercial pumps. Calculate your savings when you switch your fleet to CNG Gas here.

Natural gas vehicle and fleet owners are eligible to receive a variety of federal and local tax benefits as well as federal and local grants. For a full list, please visit the Alternative Fuel Data Center Federal Laws and Incentives for Natural Gas or State Laws and Incentives (both links open in a separate window).

CNG is more environmentally friendly than traditional fuel sources. CNG reduces carbon monoxide emissions by as much as 90 to 97% and decreases nitrogen oxide emissions by 35 to 60%. Although CNG can still emit greenhouse gases, the emissions are 20-30% lower than those from gasoline and diesel engines. Also, CNG can potentially lower non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 50 to 70%. CNG vehicles also produce fewer carcinogenic pollutants.

CNG is safer than gasoline and diesel. This safety has been proven by independent and government tests. CNG storage tanks are stronger and safer than gasoline or diesel fuel tanks reducing the likelihood of accidental release. If released, CNG disperses quickly into the air instead of forming pools on the ground thus reducing the risk of fire and ground contamination. Additionally, the ignition point of gasoline is approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit while natural gas ignites at approximately 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, CNG tanks are designed to release gas slowly. It will not explode even if subjected to a round of shots from a firearm. Since natural gas is lighter than air, leaks dissipate into the atmosphere rapidly. On the contrary, many liquid leaks are dangerous because the fuel pools in the ground creating a fire hazard bio-hazard.

With more and more CNG stations popping up everywhere, the cost and availability of CNG is better than ever. Additionally, fleets everywhere are cutting out the middleman by installing filling stations on premises in order to save even more money and optimize the convenience of utilizing CNG.

Concourse Natural Gas can help you convert your fleet to CNG and save as much as 65-75% on your fuel costs.

Concourse Natural Gas can help you convert your fleet to CNG and save as much as 65-75% on your fuel costs.

Why Choose Concourse Natural Gas?
We understand that your fleet is the life blood of your operation. At Concourse Natural Gas, we know that your vehicles are important to you and your business. We’re dedicated to providing only quality conversions at affordable prices using only qualified professional conversion specialists. Our staff of trained professionals focus on performing conversions that your company can rely upon and trust that the job is done right.

Our Products
Concourse Natural Gas offers a variety of products to help you convert and maintain a CNG powered fleet. Whether your fleet is primarily spark ignition or compression ignition vehicles, Concourse Natural Gas provides cost effective solutions in all areas.

Products offered:
Fleet Refueling Station – Fuel 2 or more vehicles simultaneously.
Vehicle Refueling Station – Fuel on vehicle at a time.
Diesel-to-CNG Vehicle Conversion – Convert a diesel operated vehicle to operate on CNG or diesel.
Gasoline-to-CNG Vehicle Conversion – Convert a gasoline operated vehicle to operate on CNG or gasoline.
Commercial Refueling Station – Offer CNG refueling services for fleets and/or the public.

To receive more information, please contact our staff at 281-446-0007 for a comprehensive evaluation and cost analysis of your fleet needs or use the contact page.

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